I'm Dr. S. Kay Webb

I have the personal and professional experience to teach you how to communicate in Unscripted Relationships

About ten years ago, I left a loving and committed monogamous relationship, because I wanted something more. I have always learned best from connections in relationships, and I have never understood why those connections needed to be limited. I felt capable of loving more than one person at a time, and I wanted to make that a reality. I needed to enact relationships that felt good for me, instead of developing relationships that reflected the monogamous status quo.

So I took the leap. I sought information. I dated with intention. I stumbled across The Ethical Slut (still one of my favorite books on ethical nonmonogamy), and I felt relief that I wasn’t alone. But information and research was limited, and I couldn’t find what I needed.

Many of the resources I did find talked about the importance of communication in relationships, but no one offered educational tools applicable to polyamory. They alluded to the societal implications of monogamy but rarely made meaning of those implications. They said I should pursue what I wanted, but I was conditioned to be monogamous, so I didn’t understand the limitless options available to me.

I met so many others, who - like me - wanted and needed more as they developed polyamorous and other monmonogamous relationships.

I pursued polyamory personally, and I decided to earn my Doctorate in Communication Studies with an emphasis in Critical Interpersonal and Family Communication. I started my research with monogamy - because it was important to me to understand the cultural significance and background of our current relational expectations. I then completed my dissertation on polyamorous identity. 

I created Unscripted Relationships as a resource for people who want to author their own relationships, who long to be a part of an inclusive community, and who welcome a life of growth.


I earned my PhD from the University of Denver in Communication Studies. My research focuses on monogamy, polyamorous identity, non-traditional romantic relationships, and human sexuality. 


I have explored various types of ethical nonmonogamy for the last ten years. Engaging in various relationship types provides me with practical experience that complements my commitment to education.  


In addition to my education and experience, I teach mobility, yoga, pole dance, inversions, and I own a gym in Denver. I often fuse movement and relational education because these energies are interrelated. 


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