Think jealousy is a problem?

It isn't. Your perception of jealousy is a problem. 

You see, we give jealousy a lot of power as a culture. We conflate jealousy with envy, anger, uncertainty, and all sorts of other feelings that we have never learned to talk about. 

Jealousy can be overwhelming and painful. We feel bad about ourselves when we feel jealousy. Even worse, we often project this shame onto others, especially our partners, making them feel bad too.

Jealousy becomes bigger than an emotion: it means we truly love our partner(s); it means our partners need to stop the behavior that caused the jealousy; it means that we need to stop the terrible, terrible feeling at all costs. 

It is time to change your perception of jealousy. 


The Jealousy Shift

by Dr. Stephanie Webb

A guide for changing your perception of jealousy

Here is what you will get:


You will receive a digital book with lessons and stories that will change your understanding of jealousy. 


Included is a video of my pontifications on jealousy - useful personal and professional anecdotes.


You'll get a Call to Stillness (CTS) and a Call to Action (CTA), because perception changing takes work.


Your burning questions, answered here

Jealousy is unhealthy for relationships and just plain BAD. Will The Jealousy Shift rid me of this miserable emotional experience? First of all, it is really clear that you need The Jealousy Shift based on this question. Second, no, it will not "rid you" of jealousy. If you do the work outlined in this guide, you will develop a different understanding of jealousy that isn't so doom and gloom. 

That button up there says "pre-order." When will I get it? You will receive the full package April 2. 

What is the format of the guide? You will be able to access the files online, and you will receive a downloadable copy. 

How much is this going to cost me? The Jealousy Shift is $55 during the pre-launch. It will go up once it is available. You get a discount for trusting me. Hey thanks!

Who is this for? 

Jealousy can be a big deal for people who have multiple partners - it is hands-down the topic I am approached about the most. I made it for the polyamorous, swingers, and relational anarchists, or anyone who is ethically nonmonogamous.

Oh but it is relevant for those who are monogamous too. Really. 

Who am I?

Oh hey! I am Dr. Stephanie Webb. I have been polyamorous for a decade, and I decided to earn my PhD in Communication Studies.

Everyone says that communication is the key to successful nonmonogamy, and I am here to advance communication education for romantic relationships. 

I want to be the educator that I wish I had when I first started my polyamorous relationships. 


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