Online Courses

Do you want to learn about communication in relationships at your own pace? You have come to the right place. Here, you will find a list of the Unscripted Relationships courses that are currently available. 

Short Courses

Short Courses are three modules, each including an education session and workbook material.

Introduction to Open Relationships

Understand your options, define what you want, and learn to talk about it all. Introduction to Open Relationships is a short course that will provide you with the foundational information necessary for successful open relationships. 


Managing Difficult Emotions

Managing Difficult Emotions is a short course designed to encourage students to embrace their feelings by understanding the cultural and interpersonal significance of emotions.


Creating Boundaries

Creating Boundaries is a short course designed to help students understand the role of boundaries in open relationships, define personal boundaries, and communicate boundaries to partner(s).


Short Course Bundle

Bundle all three short courses and save some cash.

Other Online Courses

Other online courses are of varying formats and lengths. See each class for details.

The Jealousy Shift

The Jealousy Shift is an online guide for changing your perceptions of and relationship with jealousy. It includes a robust online workbook, video lectures, and audio files that you can engage with at your own pace. 


I am Here to Help

Navigating open relationships can be overwhelming.

My name is Dr. S. Kay Webb, and I am here to help. When I first ventured into polyamory 10 years ago, I had so many questions and no one to help me answer them. My partner and I made everything up as we went along - we worked through the disasters and gained unparalleled experience in the process.

I grew frustrated with the limited resources I did find - everyone touted the importance of communication, but no one actually specialized in it. So I decided to pursue my PhD in Communication. In addition to teaching communication skills, I also coach individuals who need direct attention. 

I created this course as a beginners guide to open relationships; the kind of guide I wish I would have had when I first started. I pull from personal experience, as well as my professional toolkit to provide you with short lectures and workbook assignments that will lay the foundation for your open relationships. 

Join me in class, will you? 

"My husband and I decided to open up our relationship about a year ago. We read all the books but really needed some practical guidance. Dr. Webb gave us all the tools we needed to face the scary parts of changing our relationship and stay connected in the process."

-Sara J.

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