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We Need Communication Education

It takes courage to pursue a relationship that deviates from monogamy. I am here to help.

I know the struggle of looking for information, for community, for someone who has some experience with consensual nonmonogamy and coming up short. I created Unscripted Relationships to be a resource for those like me who need more. 

I offer educational opportunities to work with me both one-on-one and in small groups and large lectures. If there is something you are looking for that you do not see in the options below, please contact me. I look forward to being your Professor. 

Email One-on-One

Email correspondence is meant to address a singular question or relationship concern. The email option is ideal if you want a quick, written response that is affordable.

Please fill click on the Contact button below if you are interested in an email correspondence.

(Price varies depending on complexity of question: $25-$50 per email transcript) 


Do you have an ongoing concern where you would like one-on-one education? Consider becoming my advisee. 

I also work with small groups who would benefit from a learning structure with a question and answer session at the end. 

We will work together to set learning objectives and a timeline to meet your goals. 

Short Courses

I offer a variety of online learning options. I have three short courses available right now: Introduction to Open Relationships, Creating Boundaries, and Managing Difficult Emotions. The Jealousy Shift is an online toolkit for managing jealousy. 

Upcoming classes include Managing Burnout and Self-Care for

Large Group Lecture

If you have an educational event where you would like me to speak, please connect with me. I reside in Denver, Colorado, but can travel for speaking events and lectures. 

Ready to get to work? Connect with me now.


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