Let's Re-Write Your World

Unscripted Relationships is an educational platform that will change the way you see yourself, your relationships, and your world. I am here to help you see the social scripts that surround you and teach you how to author your own authentic romantic relationships.

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What is an Unscripted Relationship?

An Unscripted Relationship is any consensually nonmonogamous relationship, like polyamory, swinging, relational anarchy, or some defiant monogamous relationships.

Let Me Help You Shift Your Reality

My name is Dr. S. Kay Webb, and I am the creator and Professor of Unscripted Relationships. Some people call me the Headmistress - okay, that's only me. 

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Maybe you've just started exploring nonmonogamous relationships. Or maybe you've read the books and fallen down Internet rabbit holes. You are giving it your best go, but you need more. 

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